Whirlm with lots of Accessories

A Whirlm with lots of accessories.

Accessories are items that can be added to Piñatas to increase their value. Some piñatas require an accessory to meet a requirement, such as the Horstachio requiring a ribbon to romance. Some others give an ability to the piñata, such as the Halo of Hardness making a piñata cure itself of sickness quickly after it starts.

Gameplay elements
Player Tower of Sour · Chocolate Coins · Alerts · Awards · Achievements · Player Permissions · Gardener Level
Garden Fertilizer · Bouncer Board · Weather · Transformation · Candy · Village · Garden Store · Pinometer
Tools Watering can · Shovel · Surface Packet · Trick Stick · Seed Bag · Fertilizer Bag · Bait Bag
Piñatas Species · Variants · Evolution · Romance · Conflict · Fights · Sickness · Wild-card · Happiness Rating · Food chain

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