Whirlm with lots of Accessories

A Whirlm with lots of accessories.

Accessories are items that can be added to Piñatas to increase their value and change their appearance. In Viva Piñata and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise the accessories are purchased from Paper Pets. Some piñatas require an accessory to meet a requirement, such as the Horstachio requiring a ribbon to romance. Some others give an ability to the piñata, such as the Halo of Hardness making a piñata cure itself of sickness quickly after it starts, or the Bell making the Moozipan and Flapyak automatically go to a Milking Shed to produce Milk. The Jurassic Hair accessory must be applied to a Cluckles for a Choclodocus egg to hatch.

There are multiple types of accessories. The types are head, ear, nose, arm, feet, body, eye, mouth, and neck. One of each type of accessory can be placed on a piñata, and up to five accessories can be placed on a piñata. In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise not all species of piñata can have accessories applied to them, and only one kind of accessory can be applied to ones with an accessory that can be applied. Also, in this game accessories are purchased from Gretchen Fetchem's and this store also sells pets and well as manages the Post Office, as Paper Pets and the Post Office store managed by Fanny Franker is not in this game.


Baseball Cap · Beaded Wig


Big Bling Earrings · Bling Earrings


Bling Nose Ring · Bushy Mustache


Bling Bangle · Bling Bracelet


Astro Walkers · Ballet Shoes


Breegull Carrier · Clockwork Key


Belly-splash specials · Black Eye Patch


Bling Teeth · Buck Teeth


Bell · Bow

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