Awards are markers obtained by performing a specific action. Each award obtained awards experience points marked by the amount of blue petals on the edges of the clock, and when enough is obtained the player levels up. The same award cannot be obtained multiple times to get additional experience points.

Award Types


When a piñata species enters the region of the garden for the first time the player is awarded the Visit award.


The Resident award is obtained by getting a species of piñata resident in the garden.


When a piñata species has successfully performed a Romance dance and an egg is planted by Storkos the player obtains a Romance award.

Master Romancer

The Master Romancer award is earned when 7 or more of the species is resident in the garden. This is possible by one of three ways or a combination of the three ways. First is buying from the paper pets store. Second, you can buy them from Gretchen Fetchem's. Lastly is by romancing them. The only exceptions (In terms of species) which this award cannot be obtained for are all of the sours, which cannot be romanced as they are wild, non-resident piñatas, and the Dragonache and Choclodocus, who both cannot be romanced ever.

Obtaining this award for a piñata will give you the ability to change your label to have the icon for it in the label. In Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, getting the award also allows you to ban the species using the Bouncer Board decoration placed outside the garden.


When the player obtains a unique Variant type for a piñata for the first time the player obtains a Variant award.

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