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The Barkbark is man's best friend. His qualities are loyalty, cheery disposition, obedience, and every now and then slobbery overfriendlyness.


Appear Requirements

  • Have 2 nocturnal residents in the garden

Visit Requirements

None, cannot be obtained this way.

Resident requirements

None, cannot be obtained this way.

Romance Requirements

  • Is wearing a collar
  • Has eaten one bone
  • There is a Barkbark house in the garden
Species variants for the Barkbark

Feeding it a banana split changes its color to yellow.
Feeding it a bottle of medicine changes its color to pink.
Feeding it poison ivy changes its color to green.

Other Information

Barkbarks are pretty cool. They’re big, and therefore a little difficult to romance many at once, but they’re pretty cute. Quite valuable too. Just know that they’re enemies with the Kittyfloss, so having both is a recipe for trouble.

The Barkbark is a pinata. You can buy it for 2310 chocolate coins at Miss Petula's Paper Pets shop in the village once you are a level 14 gardener.

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