Blackberry Bush
Produces Blackberries
Level 9
Fertilizer Purple
Seed price 55
Blackberry price 20
Bush price 220

How best to grow it

Use 1 application of purple fertilizer immediatly after planting it. Then wait until the bush shakes off its first leaves and apply another application of purple fertilizer. Wait until it shakes off its leaves one last time and apply the last application of purple fertilizer.


Blackberry Seed Uses

Blackberry Uses

  • A Raisant can eat blackberries to satisfy Resident requirements.
  • Feeding two blackberries to a Macaraccoon or a Squazzil helps meet their Romance Requirements.
  • Feeding four blackberries to a Elephanilla helps meet its Romance Requirments.
  • Feeding a blackberry and a daisy to a Horstachio will evolve it into a Zumbug.
  • Having 10 blackberries in the garden helps meet the Doenut Visit Requirements.
  • Having 12 blackberries in the garden helps meet the Elephanilla Requirements.

Blackberry jam Uses

  • Blackberries can be tinkered by Bart and turned into blackberry jam.
  • Feeding 1 jar of Blackberry jam to a Zumbug helps meet its Romance Requirements.
  • Feeding 1 jar of Blackberry jam to a Pudgeon triggers a purple variant.

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