• Leafdawgs

    Hello I am Leaf I Have been playing Viva pinata for quite a few years i got the game when i was a child and i forgot about it for quite sometime but I have been playing more and more each day... but enough about that Im here to try and revive the fandom so anyone want to talk pinatas, make fanart, share said fanart and have it be seen by other fans, write fanfictions, and have thoes said fanfictions be read? Im always here to chat and admire the works of others as well as create content for the fandom to enjoy obviously it wont be posted on here. I am grasping at staws to be with other fans but I have only found one and as timezones happen to be we are never online so if you just happen to be reading this and maybe feel like you need a fre…

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  • PinaterTeller


    April 24, 2016 by PinaterTeller

    I just want to say HI to all Wikia editors out there. I am excited to start editing some pages!

    PinaterTeller (talk) 15:29, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Luvpeacemoon

    I really like this song ^.^


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  • Araneaediscordia

    It looks like quite some time since there's been an overhaul of the infoboxes since they've been added. I'd like to propose some changes. I've created a color scheme and two infoboxes. The color scheme is based on the encyclopedia in the game.

    Please comment and let me know what you think of it. If this is acceptable to the community at large, I'll start overhauling the piñata pages as I access them. :)

    Vote at the bottom, if you don't have any particular comments.

    Piñata reds ff3e3d ff6563
    Community browns be6d1a db8f04
    Characters orange/yellow f28729 f2cd13
    Plants:flower, water flower, tree, seeds, vegetables, weeds, bushes, fruit greens 80bf41 a7d37c
    Garden Constructions purple f2059f fc63c6
    Tools blues 049dd9 57cdfc

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  • Missaqua88

    1st blog post

    August 10, 2012 by Missaqua88

    ==Viva Pinata! ~ What Missaqua88 has been up to....==

    Just became level 34 gardener.

    My shovel just Pwned seedos.

    Lol just had a leafos glitch!

    If one of your pinatas is getting unhappy

    try feeding it something new! You may Discover a new varient!


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  • CrazyGirl1619

    Pinata Name: Arockind

    Animal: Spider

    Gardening Level: 5

    Base Value: 1500 coins

    House Cost: 825 coins

    Appear Reguirements:

    1. Level 6 gradening level or better

    Visit Requirements:

    1.There are 4 tafflies or raisants in the garden

    Resident Requirements:

    1. Has eaten 2 tafflies or 2 raisants

    Romance Rrquirements:

    1. Has eaten 2 buzzlegums

    2. Have an Arockind house in the garden


    1. Blue: feeding it a bluebell flower

    2. Pink: feeding it a water lilly flower

    3. Orange: feeding it a jack o' lantern


    1. Will keep Buzzlegums from becoming residents in your garden

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  • CrazyGirl1619

    All the pinata in Viva Pinata for xbox360 are listed here in abc order. Note: Sour pinata will be placed after the pinata

    1. Arockind

    2. Badgesicle

    3. Barkbark

    4. Bonboon

    5. Sour Bonboon

    6. Bunnycomb

    7. Buzzenge

    8. Buzzlegum


    10. Chewicorn

    11. Chippopatmus

    12. Cinnamonkey

    13. Cluckes

    14. Cocoadile

    15. Sour Cocoadile

    16. Crowla

    17. Sour Crowla

    18. Doenut

    19. Dragonache

    20. Dragumfly

    21. Eaglair

    22. Elephanilla

    23. Fizzlybear

    24. Fourheads

    25. Fudgehog

    26. Galagoogoo

    27. Goobaa

    28. Horstachio

    29. Jameleon

    30. Jeli??????

    31. Juicygoose

    32. Kittyfloss

    33. Lackatoad

    34. Lickatoad

    35. Macaraccoon

    36. Sour Macaraccoon

    37. Mallowolf

    38. Sour Mallowolf

    39. Moozipan

    40. Mothdrop

    41. Mousemallow

    42. Newtgat

    43. Parrybo

    44. Pigxie

    45. Ponocky

    46. Preztail

    47. Pofitamole

    48. Sour Pofitamole…

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  • Cutesimholla!

    Warming up

    July 20, 2011 by Cutesimholla!

    Hey there pinta fans I love to do something about Pinta Battles!

    here is how you play.

    1 BuzzleGum

    2 Kittyfloss

    you pick your favorite and who ever gets most votes wins!

    here is our first pole



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  • Haosbrawler

    so what is your favorite piniata in the game haosbrawler 21:43, July 19, 2010 (UTC) haos brawler loves video games

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