The Blue bell is a blue flower that needs to planted in soil, short or long grass, Image:pinata :bluebell

For Bonus Growth use Blue Fertilizer 3 times immediately after planting.

Uses of a bluebell

The bluebell seed can be fed to a Syrupant to make it blue

there are many uses for the blue bell flower, including species variants, romance requiremunts, etc.

  1. 1. If you feed a blue bell flower to a pinata, it will usually turn their color to a light blue, like with Newtgat,Pretztail , and Pigxie
  1. 2. If you feed the bluebell to a white flutterscotch, it evolves into a blue flutterscotch.(does not count toward the evolver achievement)
  1. 3.If fed to a pinata, it will make it happy or sad, depending on the pinata.
  1. 4. The Blue Bell flower helps meet the Mothdrop reside requirements.(only in trouble in paradise.)

Where to get

You can buy the seed at Costolot's General Store, grow it from your seed bag, or try to talk to Seedos to get a bluebell seed

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