Bottle of Medicine is a produce item that is created by tinkering a jar of honey using Bart's Exchange's service. To obtain honey in the first place, you must build a Honey Hive which can be purchased in the Buildings section in Willy Builder's. Then, direct a Buzzlegum that is ready to produce to the Honey Hive, and they will produce a jar of honey. You can also simply buy a jar of honey from the produce section in Costolot's for 500 chocolate coins if you wish to skip this process.


Medicine from Pocket Paradise


Direct to honey shack.

How can you make medicine (Viva Pinata)

How can you make medicine (Viva Pinata)

Tutorial on how to make medicine

While Medicine cannot actually cure an ill piñata, it can be used to:

Tame a Sour Crowla if it eats a bottle of medicine in all versions.

Drinking a bottle of medicine will help a Fizzlybear reach its romance requirements in Classic and Pocket Paradise.

Medicine will change the color of a Barkbark, Buzzenge, Buzzlegum, Cluckles, Fourheads, Kittyfloss, Roario, Swanana, Sweetooth, Syrupent, Tartridge and Twingersnap. This works on a Jameleon as well but you'll need to feed it an orchid as well for this to work.

In Pocket Paradise, Medicine will only make variants of Barkbark, Roario, and Swanana.


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