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Why do Buzzlegums make honey? I think it's a bribe so we'll be their friends. I mean, without the delicious, sweet honey, you're left with nothing more than a fat wasp.


Appear Requirements

Visit Requirements

Resident requirements

Romance Requirements

Species variants for the Buzzlegum

Feeding it a bottle of medicine changes its color to pink.
Feeding it a gem tree seed changes its color to white.
Feeding it a venus pinata trap changes its color to orange.

Other Information

The Buzzlegum resembles the Bee transformation from the Banjo-Kazooie series.

Buzzlegum Uses

  • Our winner for "Best Piñata Name," the Buzzlegums are your first possibilities for gaining money passively. If a Buzzlegum wears a beekeeper’s hat, it will make Honey for you, which can be sold for a decent price($100), or tinkered to make bottles of medicine, which are used by a lot of species for variants. You can also use Medicine to make money. Afterwards, feed it a Daisy so it can make honey.
  • You can also make money off of buzzlegums by selling them once they come--they're worth 10 times more money than their honey!
  • Eating 1 Buzzlegum helps meet the Dragumfly Romance requirements.
  • Eating 2 Buzzlegums helps meet the Arocknid Romance requirements.

Species Conflicts

Commonly asked questions
How do I get the Buzzlegums to make honey?Make sure you've bought a Honey Hive from Willy Builder -- it's in the Special Buildings section, and isn't the same building as the Buzzlegum house. Once a Buzzlegum is ready to produce honey, direct your Buzzlegum into it. After it's been through the Hive, direct it to a Daisy to prepare it to make honey again. Buying a Beekeeper Hat accessory for your Buzzlegum will automate the honey production process. View threadDo Buzzlegums make honey? I direct the bees to the hive but the hive doors won't open?There are a few reasons why this may happen:
  • Your garden is full of produce. Sell some to make room for more.
  • The Buzzlegum isn't ready to produce honey. Direct it to a daisy.
  • The Honey Hive needs plenty of room around it -- it has both front and back doors, and if either door is blocked, the Buzzlegums won't enter.

View thread

Piñata Species

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