Some pinatas are easy to get, and when you get rid of them, they keep coming back. Sometimes this is annoying(like if you are trying to romance Bunnycombs or Cluckles and Pretztails are scaring them but when you try to sell them, they keep coming back and eating up your population). But the Pinatas that I'm putting here are pinatas that are not so annoying. Almost all of them only require something to be in the garden to become a resident(except the Taffly, which needs to at a flower, but you can keep planting flowers).

  • I put Redhott and Candary in here, even though you need to get them from other pinatas , because they are easy to get and worth more than their ancestor.
  • Although Whirlms are not very profitable, they do keep coming back and are the simplest pinatas.
  • I also say Fourheads because they may be a bitt difficult to get up to, but once you get one, it's worth 3600.

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