Sours, as their name might hint at, are grumpy Piñatas that get their kicks from making cheerful piñatas gloomy. Sour Piñatas are easily recognized due to their deep red and black colouring. There are 8 or 12 different sour species, each with their own bad habits, like starting fights or scaring off other residents.

When broken, the sour Piñata will drop seeds for weed plants. If the seeds are not handled correctly then the weeds can create a problem for your garden.

To prevent a Sour Piñata from entering your garden, you either need to tame the species or buy the right piece of the Tower of Sour. If you tame it, each species can help you out when they live in your garden.

Once you've tamed all the sours or completed the Tower of Sour, you'll meet the Appear requirements for the Galagoogoo.

Name Appear Visit Habits Requirements to tame
Sour Shellybean 4 5 Spits out sour seeds and sour candies. Has eaten an apple seed
Sour Sherbat 9 10 Makes Piñatas ill. Has eaten a Jack o' Lantern
Sour Crowla 14 15 Eats sick Piñatas

Have a birdbath in the garden.

Has drank a bottle of medicine.

Sour Profitamole 19 20 Tears up garden and eats whatever it breaks

Have two mushrooms in your garden

Has eaten a Red Flutterscotch

Sour Macaracoon 23 24 Eats eggs

Have 5 Master Romancer awards.

Has eaten 1 Cluckles

Sour Cocoadile 27 28 Scares helpers

Have 160 Pinometers (16%) of water in your garden

Has eaten a Sweetooth

Has eaten 2 Swanana

Sour Mallowolf 31 32 Prevents visits to your garden Has eaten a Pigxie
Sour Bonboon 34 35 Starts fights Has lost a fight against a Syrupent, Twingersnap or Fourheads


  • Remember, not all sours show up as soon as you get a quarter to a new level. Some show up halfway. Also, some may take longer than you think.


Franklin:  Uh, dudes... did one of you maybe take a bite out of my surfboard, you know, by mistake?
Paulie:  This is no mistake, Franklin. This is the work... of a sour.
Fergy:  Oh fudge! We're doomed!
Franklin:  What's a sour?
Fergy:  What's a sour?! Only the most notorious garden vandals ever to vandalize a garden! Wild pinatas, untamed, uncontrollable!! Crazy!!!
--Quote from "Mad Mongo" episode

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