Chili is a red vegetable. It is used to turn a Newtgat into a Salamango. It is also mainly used as a way to quickly make Chocolate Coins, by repeatedly growing Chili plants and then selling them to Costolot's Store. Chilies will not be stunted by growing plants too close to it, which allows Fertilizer to easily be applied to multiple Chili plants with the same dose.

If you have a Resident Rashberry and want to romance it with either another Rashberry or a Swanana feed it a rotten chili. Tap the chili with the shovel to make it rotten. The chili can also be used to help meet romance requirements for the Reddhott. You can also use it for the cc. When the plant is fully grown sell the chili then sell the stem, replant the seed and repeat process.


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