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After some soothing, the Cocoadile's lethal snout becomes home to nature's widest grin.


Appear Requirements

  • Have had a tame Cocoadile resident at some point

Visit Requirements

  • Have 160 square pinometers of water (16%)
  • Have 6 Quackberry residents in the garden

Resident requirements

  • Have 190 square pinometers of water (19%)
  • Has eaten 3 Quackberries

Romance Requirements

  • Have 220 square pinometers of water (22%)
  • Has eaten 2 Juicygeese
  • Has Gold Teeth
  • Have a Cocoadile house in the garden
Species variants for the Cocoadile

Feeding it a water lily seed changes its color to pink. Feeding it a bluebell changes its color to light blue. Feeding it a buttercup seed changes its color to yellow.

Other Information

Cocoadiles come from Sour cousins. Vaguely reminiscent of the famous Klap Traps from Donkey Kong Country, they’re pretty cool looking. I like having them in the garden just to look at them; if those teeth weren’t like a foot-long, I’d considering trying to get one for a real-life pet.

If you direct the Cocoadile to certain plants, it will fertilize them with its tears (earning the player an achievement).

Due to a misspelling, it says that for a wild Cocoadile to visit you need 5 Quackberries when you really need 6.

Due to a misspelling, it says that to tame a sour Cocoadile it needs to eat 2 Swananas when it really has to eat 1.

Likes to be watered with the watering can.

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