Accessories which require entering a code on the 'create new garden' screen.


There are 4 different codes which must be entered into the 'create new garden' screen. You will not create a garden with that name, you will recieve a notification that accessories have been unlocked and added to Miss Petula's Paper Pets.

1. Bullseye

Unlocks 5 items.

Item Price
Fruity Hat 180
Toff Monocle 180
Big Bling Earrings 180
Mermaid Necklace 180
Bunnycomb Slippers 180

2. Chewnicorn

Unlocks 5 items.

Item Price
Squazzil Hat 180
Extreme Sports Goggles 180
Disco Shades 180
Headphones 180
Pendant Necklace 180

3. Goobaa

Unlocks 4 items.

Item Price
Buttercup Hair Flower 180
Howdy Partner Hat 180
Pendant Earrings 180
Strong 'n' Macho 180

4. Kittyfloss

Unlocks 5 items.

Item Price
Construction Hat 180
Indian Head Dress 180
Sailor's Hat 180
Sweaty Headband 180
Rashberry Police Hat 180