A Lemmoning that has a complete costume with the Conga's Top Hat, Toff Monocle, and Secret Agent Bowtie accessories.

A costume is a group of three accessories that when applied in a group to a piñata will give a boost to the piñata's value. Doing this will also unlock an achievement. To get a costume bonus only the three accessories in the costume must be applied to the piñata, if one of the required accessories are not applied or an extra accessory is applied then the costume bonus will not be applied.

List of CostumesEdit

  1. Conga's Top Hat, Toff Monocle, Secret Agent Bowtie
  2. Conkerific Helmet, Gas Mask, Combat Boots
  3. Yee-haw Hat, Yee-haw Boots, Sheriff's Badge
  4. Tussle Tricorn, Blackeye Patch, Bling Earrings
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