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For information on the Sour version of this species, see the Sour Crowla article.

When you see the Crowla, think less "dark, sinister, grave robber" and think more "garbage collecter." It may stop that shiver tickling your spine.


Appear Requirements

  • Have a resident Crowla in the garden

Visit Requirements

Resident requirements

Romance Requirements

Species variants for the Crowla

Feeding it a water lily changes its color to pink.
Feeding it a bird of paradise changes its color to orange.
Feeding it a bluebell seed changes its color to blue.

Crowla Uses

A tamed version of a sour, Crowlas have the benefit of being able to delay Dastardos for a moment if you give the order. This, of course, buys you time if you’re having trouble getting the doctor to heal a sick piñata quickly, not to mention earning you an Xbox Achievement.

Otherwise, Crowlas aren’t that valuable or really worth your time aside from the awards. Once you buy the Dastardos Shovel Head from Ivor Bargain, you really won’t have a reason to have a Crowla in the garden.

Directing a tamed Crowla to Dastardos will momentarily distract him(earning the player an achievement).

Species Conflicts


Commonly asked questions
My crowlas get depressed really quickly and leave the garden? How can I keep them happy?While a temporary fix is to feed them Happy candy, the real issue has to do with whether they like your garden or not. Like any other species, Crowlas like to have their Appear and Visit requirements met, to remain happy in a garden. Once you have four Lickatoads in your garden, they should stop getting sad and leaving.

In general, once you've tamed a sour, ask yourself, "Does my garden have what it needs to attract a tame one from the wild?" If not, the one you've just tamed won't stay long, because the garden's not attractive to them. View thread

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