Chocolate coins are the form of currency on pinata island. There are four types of coins

Bronze coins are small, don't contain much chocalate and are very dull to look at.

Silver coins are slightly bigger, and therefor worth more.

Gold coins are worth 10 bronze coins and were the biggest coins for a while, until...

Big Gold coin was made, worth 50 bronze coins and the biggest made so-far.

Money Making Tips

Selling Pinatas

Some Pinatas, especially Whirlms, are very easy to make a resident of your Garden, and they can also sell for quite a lot of money. Breeding and selling Pinatas is a very stable way of making money. I personally suggest breeding and selling ReddHott's.

Selling Plants

From the very start of a new garden, growing plants is a huge part of being successfull. Grow and selling plants may not earn you that many Chocolate Coins per sale, but it's a fast way of earning a lot of money, especially with the use of fertilizer.

Poison Ivy Garden Trick

Creating a garden full of poison ivy and nothing else is one of the best ways to make money. First buy some seeds at the shop and sow them around. Then wait until they drop a green bloom. Poison ivy doesn’t need to be watered, so you just must be patient and successively sell the bloom. Meanwhile the plants come out of bloom and leave seeds – you know what to do with them. Every visiting pinata sell right away. This garden isn’t too good for them. After gaining a satisfying amount of chocolate coins, move to your main garden. You can always return here later and earn some more.

Chilli pepper trick

This method is a very quick and efficent way to make money, however creating a new garden is recommended for this way of making money because the peppers will take up lots of land % space. This method takes advantage of the strange fact that chilli peppers do not get stunted. This allows the player to grow many of them close together allowing them to get easily fertilised giving them the ability be able to mass produced at maximum fertilisation. Each chilli pepper at maximum fertilisation sells for 400 coins, so every clump of 10 chillies will give you 4000 coins!


Chilli peppers do not get stunted no matter how close they are

Digging for Sweets!

Currency, as well as Happy and Joy candy, can be found underground by digging ponds. There is a metal detector-style shovel accesory that is available at Ivor Bargain.

Poison Ivy Garden Trick

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