Accessories for your Pinata's which can be obtained in the Xbox Live Marketplace and are put into Miss Petula's Paper Pets.

DLC Accessory Packs

Accessory Pack 1

  • Vela Wig
  • Juno Helmet
  • Lupus Ears

Accessory Pack 2

  • Mr Pants Hat
  • Von Ghoul Helmet
  • Soupswill Chef Hat

Accessory Pack 3

  • Mermaid's Earrings
  • Romance Earrings
  • Santa Hat

Accessory Pack 4

  • Conga's Top Hat
  • Poppy Hair Flower
  • Sunflower Hair Flower

Accessory Pack 5

  • Pearly Bracelet
  • Reading glasses
  • Comedian's Choice

Accessory Pack 6

  • Jiggy Earrings
  • Grunty Hat
  • Jam-Jars Hat

Accessory Pack 7

  • Conkerific Helmet
  • The Von Ghoul (moustache)
  • Big Jolly Lips

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