Dastardos, originally named Stardos, is one the characters in the Viva Piñata series who made his first appearance in the first Viva Piñata game. He is known to smash any sick Piñatas with a stick, breaking them open and leaving nothing but Life Candy behind. Dastardos can phase through solid objects if trapped.


Stardos was the first child that Jardinero and Mother gave birth to. At a young age, Stardos was taught by Jardinero on how to raise a garden to attract piñatas. Stardos became an accomplished gardener. But then, when Mother and Jardinero were away on a trip to search for the legendary Dragonache, trouble began to ensue. Jardinero's former helper, Pester approached Stardos. He claimed that he has made a candy that can easily attract piñatas. Pester lured Stardos to his lair in the jungle and invited him to try some. Corrupted by the sourness, Stardos became Dastardos and now begins to smash any sick piñata with a stick. Jardinero's family knows that Stardos has disappeared in the jungle, but never realized that he is Dastardos. Jardinero claims that Dastardos reminds him of someone he used to know. Sad he hasn't figured it out yet, right?

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