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This animal is fast and flighty, not the sort of animal that you'd expect to get caught and eaten. Unfortunately, the horns on its head pick up T.V. signals and transmit them straight to its brain, a lethal distraction.


Appear Requirements

  • You have 400 square pinometers of grass (40%) or 80 square pinometers of long grass (8%)

Visit Requirements

Resident requirements

Romance Requirements

  • Has eaten 1 sunflower
  • Has eaten 1 tulip
  • Have 100 square pinometers of long grass (10%)
  • There is a Doenut house in the garden
Species variants for the Doenut

Feeding it a Jack 'o Lantern and an ear of corn changes its color to orange.
Feeding it an oak seed changes its color to green.
Feeding it a thistle flower and a gooseberry fool changes its color to purple.

Other Information

You may hear that the resident requirements are"has eaten 6 Blackberrys and 6 Gooseberrys", but that's a misspelling

Doenuts are annoying in that you’ll probably see them long before you can get one to be a resident. They’re also a little annoying to take care of, not amounting to much of a purpose.

All the Doenuts seen so far in the TV series are wildcards.

Doenut Uses

  • 5 Doenuts in the garden helps meet the Roario Visit requirements.
  • Eating 2 Doenuts helps meet the Roario Resident requirements.

Species Conflicts




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