Stone fence

A stone fence.

Fences are a type of decoration. A fence wall can be used to isolate a piñata or its house in a certain place with fences. Fences can also be used to separate different piñata species that fight all the time.

Fences are available from the General Store and can either section off your garden or make the landscape look nice.

Fence Types

Wood fence

A wood fence.

There are different types of fences.

  • Wire
  • Wood
  • Hedge (No gate)
  • Picket
  • Stone

Constructing a fence

Picket fence

A picket fence.

First select the type of fence you would like to build from the General Store. Start laying down your fence making sure that it is all connected so that your fence does the job. If you would like a gate, skip a space in your fence so that you can add the gate later. If you are fencing an area that a large pinata may pass through you may want to leave 2 spaces for a larger gate. When you open the double gate both sides will open at the same time.


  • Different fence types do work together, so you can make a checkered fence.
  • Avoid boxing in piñatas with fences, without giving them adequate room to roam a bit. It will keep them happy and from getting sick.
  • Fences cannot be built on water, smaller pinatas will find a gap at the waters edge and can get around.
  • Due to either a glitch or the intent of the game's programmers, occasionally (non-flying) piñatas will get through a closed fence.
  • If you put two gates together it makes a bigger gate.