The Sparrowmint is having a fight with the Sweetle.

Fights occur when two Piñatas have a conflict, and can also happen if they just don't like each other. There are many species which are natural rivals like the Barkbark and the Kittyfloss, and they will always have a conflict. If you want to stop a fight, you could try hitting the piñata with a shovel or watering them with the watering can, but this can lower their happiness, or you could try building a fence around their enclosures. If you have a Bonboon in your garden, they can help to stop fights (but not all of them). A Sour Bonboon will randomly cause fights for other Piñatas.

In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise fights can be stopped if you use the watering can on one of the piñatas before the health gauges show up. A fight will always occur if another piñata is attempting to eat another one, and the predator will always win the fight.

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