With her deep, starry eyes and big, green bow, Florence Fizzlybear has the looks and the charm to melt any Piñata’s heart. Just ask, Franklin Fizzlybear who hasn’t been able to take his eyes off Florence since she first arrived on Piñata Island. But this feisty Fizzlybear is out to prove she’s more than just a pretty face. Florence has been training hard, preparing to steal the spotlight from the competition. And with her positive attitude and super-fresh dance moves, who’s going to stop her?

Florence is particularly looking forward to the Party Animals Championship Challenge. This is partly for the competition, but mostly because it will allow her to spend some quality time with Franklin. She wants to win the Championship Challenge as much as anyone—but if she can’t win, she sure hopes Franklin does. Either way, the winnings will likely be used for dance lessons... for two.


  • Well, this is nice!
  • I’m wearing my lucky bow today!
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