Franklin Fizzlybear

Franklin may look like a big fierce Fizzlybear, but he's really a gentle giant. And, on top of all that, he’s Piñata Island’s most accomplished surfer! And a terrible liar. And an even worse dancer! Franklin is gung-ho for parties - and thinks that being a pinata is the best thing anyone could be. Always up for an adventure, the world is one big wonder-filled playground for Franklin, and he's gonna see and do it all!

Franklin Fizzlybear is practically perfect. He’s big, strong and loaded with oodles of scrumptious goodies! Despite his stature, Franklin doesn’t really get that he’s a big Piñata. He has an air of innocence about him. He’s wonder-filled about everything in the world and can’t wait to get up in the morning and have some fun!


Species: Fizzlybear

First Appearance: Cocoadile Tears

Voice: Marc Thompson




Let's slide some tides!

I'm feelin' Fizzlytastic!

Let's party hardy!

I love a good bash!

What in the shivvy is going on?

Woah! Cool!

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