Hazelnut trees grow Hazelnuts . Once you obtain a Hazelnut Seed from Seedos, they can be purchased from Costolot's Store for 83 Chocolate Coins. You can find Hazelnuts in Costolot's Store under the 'Fruit' tab. Fully-grown, uncatalyzed Hazelnut trees are worth 150 chocolate coins.


A fully-grown Hazelnut tree.

Hazelnut tree

A fully catalysed hazel tree

Surface Requirements

Hazelnut Seeds can be planted in soil, grass, or long grass.

Catalysing (fertilizing)

Hazelnut trees require Cocoadile Tears, Brown Fertilizer, or Special Mix Fertilizer for bonus growth. Fertilizer should be added three times: First, immediatly after planting, second, after the tree sheds its first set of leaves, and third, when the tree sheds its second, and last, set of leaves. A fully-catalyzed Hazelnut Tree is worth 630 chocolate coins.


Hazelnut Trees produce Hazelnuts which are important for the following Pinata:

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