Hemlock is a type of weed that harms the garden in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. When its head is eaten it causes a piñata to fart out three Sour Candies, which are dangerous to the health of your pinatas, as they can become ill from eating these candies. Like all weed plants Hemlock flowers do not need to be watered to grow properly. It can be purchased from Costolot's General Store, or dropped by Seedos after he comes back from being bashed up by a Shovel.

Hemlock costs 360 chocolate coins to sell to Lottie's Costolot's Store.

Farting Sour Candy

A Juicygoose farting out a Sour Candy.

Hemlock is the most dangerous plant as they automatically attract piñatas to go and eat their head. When the head is eaten the plant quickly dies and releases two more seeds, which very quickly plant themselves. This can result in a stream of annoying "Plant stunted." Alerts which appear due to the seeds planting themselves very close to each other. The seed also take up space that you need to place other, more wanted plants in your garden. Unfortunately you need the Hemlock to meet a requirement of certain piñatas, so planting a Hemlock is not optional if you want all of the piñatas.

Surrounding a batch of Hemlock weeds with deep water stops most of the new seeds from planting themselves, so you can safely remove them with your shovel without them spreading across the water. As you remove a patch of weeds, replace the soil with water until you have removed all of the Hemlock weeds, then smash all the seeds that are underwater.

Feeding it to a Jameleon will not make it sick or fart out Sour Candy.

You can use the Hemlock weeds to your advantage. Using a Lemmoning to eat the sour candies created by eating the Hemlock heads will turn them into Happy Candies, which means that you can quickly amass a lot of these sweet treats to send to your friends. You can also do this to any Sour Candy, not just the ones made by the Hemlock.

Surface requirements

  • Weed needs to be planted anywhere but water.


Hemlock seed uses

Hemlock uses


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