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No matter how big and strong the Horstachio grows, it will only ever be one Horstachio power. Pathetic.


Appear requirements

  • Have a Ponocky in the garden

Visit requirements

  • Have a Ponocky as a garden resident
  • Have 500 square pinometers of grass (50%)

Resident requirements

  • Have 500 square pinometers of grass
  • Has eaten 8 apples

Romance requirements

  • Have 500 square pinometers of grass (50%)
  • Is wearing a rosette
  • Has eaten 1 toffee apple
  • Has eaten 3 carrots
  • Have a Horstachio house in the garden.
Species variants for the Horstachio

Feeding it watercress changes its color to green.
Feeding it a bluebell changes its color to blue.
Feeding it a chili seed changes its color to red.

Feeding a blackberry and a daisy to a Horstachio turns it into a Zumbug.

Other Information

A Horstachio is the star of the Viva Piñata cartoon, and the cover boy of the game as well. You’d think with that résumé, he’d be more valuable, but that’s not very true. Sellable only for 2800 CC, Horstachios have limited usefulness. Still, you’ll want to romance them, if for no other reason then to summon Chewnicorns.

Be careful when you start to deal with them. They require Ponockies to be around at first, but they’ll start [fights] with Ponockies often. Keep the doc’s number close by.

Horstachio Uses

  • A Horstachio Master Romancer award helps meet the Chewnicorn Appear requirements.

Species Conflicts

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