An item's level is a property of each kind of object. In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise the level of an item is the gardener level required to unlock the item, while in other games the level of an item is somewhat arbitrarily chosen but mostly relative to the level required to unlock. For piñatas, the value of a species is associated with its level and the higher level species usually are harder to meet the requirements of. For tool items the level is linked to how powerful it is or how many functions it has.

Piñata Levels

Level 1


Level 2

Mousemallow, Sparrowmint, Syrupent, Taffly

Level 3

Bunnycomb, Candary, Flutterscotch, Lickatoad, Mothdrop, Pretztail, Shellybean

Level 4

Buzzlegum, Cluckle, Fudgehog, Newtgat, Quackberry, Raisant, Sherbat, Squazzil

Level 5

Arocknid, Badgesicle, Crowla, Jameleon, Juicygoose, Kittyfloss, Lackatoad, Profitamole, Rashberry, Twingersnap

Level 6

Barkbark, Buzzenge, Cocoadile, Doenut, Goobaa, Ponocky, Pudgeon, Reddhott, Sweetooth

Level 7

Cinnamonkey, Dragumfly, Fizzlybear, Horstachio, Macaraccoon, Mallowolf, Moozipan, Swanana

Level 8

Bonboon, Chippopotamus, Fourheads, Parrybo, Pigxie, Salamango, Zumbug

Level 9

Chewnicorn, Eaglair, Elephanilla, Galagoogoo

Level 10


Level 11

Dragonache (Level on Xbox)

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