A Lemmoning

For information on the Sour version of this species see below.

The Lemmoning has no sense of danger. For example, if there were a boulder balanced precariously on a stack of cream buns, we would see the danger and avoid the whole thing. A Lemmoning would feel hungry, grab the nearest bun and tuck in. Lemmonings can process sweeties by converting one kind into another - you'll need to practice to find out how that works exactly.

Trouble in Paradise - Standard requirements

Appear requirements

  • Have a resident Lemmoning in the garden.

Bait requirements

  • A Lemmoning loves a really tasty sunflower seed.

Resident requirements

  • Have 4 square pinometers of snow.
  • Has eaten 2 radishes.

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 3 fir cones.
  • Have 4 square pinometers of snow.
  • Have a Lemmoning house in the garden.

Trick requirements

  • Feed it a thistle seed to have it perform Trick 1
  • Feed it a thistle to have it perform Trick 2

Species variants

Species variants for the Lemmoning

Feeding it a bluebell changes its color to blue. Feeding it a pea pod changes its color to green. Feeding it a tiger lily changes its color to yellow

Sour version

Although this pinata is small, it has a combination of qualities that make it quite dangerous.
ZSour Lemmoning

A Sour Lemmoning

First of all, it is sour and looking for trouble. Secondly, it has a complete lack of self preservation. It's the rodent equivalent of a really angry bee.

As a sour, it explodes when angered, leaving behind sour candy and weed seeds! Sour Lemmonings can also turn your vegetables and fruits rotten.

  • If you tame it, the Lemmoning can eat a sour candy, then cough up a happy candy, without becoming ill.

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