Les Galagoogoo is the most intelligent character in the entire Garden, and the only one who truly understands what Piñata Central is all about. Problem is... he never utters a word. He only talks in strange hoots and sighs, and so no one ever understands him, but they figure it out by themselves directly after he says it, and then claim that they found it. Even when Les has a voice, no one can understand his advanced speech, yet they somehow figure out what he was attempting to say and then claim that they found it, not Les. To add to his mystique, he also has ninja fighting skills and the ability to leap great distances in a single bound. Les also makes inventions in his laboratory, like a jetpack.

His friends are pretty sure he’s mental, but Les is really wise beyond his years because he frequently saves the day. He is pals with all the piñatas, but never gets stuck in their jams.


  • Hoot!
  • Some things never change. -- Les in



Mor Galagoogoo

The opposite of Les, this Galagoogoo kept Les' intelligence and can talk, unlike Les. And this piñata really knows that "Les is really Mor"!


  • "Of course I can talk, and the name's not Les, it's Mor!"


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