Mabel Moozipan is a Piñata gardener. She is very strict about how her garden is treated, and isn't afraid to put matters into her own hooves. She is a good friend of Florence Fizzlybear.



Hudson Bloated

Hudson Horstachio, Mabel, and Shirley Shellybean bloated.

In Confetti-itis, she is the first person to meet Franklin Fizzlybear in his buff state and she asked how he got buff. He says that he got that way because he drank the "Shed-No-More" potion prescribed to him by Dr. Quackberry. Soon, she starts drinking it too, however soon she starts drinking too much of it and she becomes very fat and bloated. She, Franklin, and all of the other piñatas involved had to stop drinking it to return to normal size.


  • Feel the wrath of my giant hoe!
  • Doctor, you're the reason why we're in this mess. Now find the cure!


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