The Menu.

The Menu, which can be brought up from the garden with the 'X' button ("x"), provides you with access to everything a gardener starting out in the Viva Piñata Universe would require.

  • Shovel lets you access the shovel. This can also be done by pressing up on the directional pad.
  • Label Designer is used to create your own labels for your Piñatas.
  • Surface Packets are accessible here, as well as by pressing right on the d-pad.
  • The Village can be accessed here. This is where you'll find the shops necessary to turn your garden into a paradise for piñata and fulfill those pesky romance dance requirements.
  • The Journal, which provides access to information and statistics, can be accessed here.
  • The Post Office allows you to pack piñata into a crate and ship them to your friends.
  • The Watering Can, which can be accessed from the left d-pad button, can be grabbed from here, too.
  • Once you've opened up the Tower of Sour, you can view your totems and toggle them on or off.
  • Contextual Menus are provided occasionally, such as on Helpers. These options allow you to send the Helper home or fire them.
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