The Monkeynut tree is a crooked brown tree that is quite tall. Most of the tree is dark brown with light brown markings decipting suns at the forks in the stump where the tree's branches grow and peanut-like marking along the stump. It has green leaves and produces a light brown and purple fruit called a monkeynut.

Surface Requirements

  • Plant needs to be planted in grass, tall grass, or dirt.

How Best to Grow It

Use 1 application of brown fertilizer immediately after planting it, and the tree will instantly be fully catalyzed.

A fully catalyzed monkey nut tree can be sold for 1050 coins.


Monkeynut Seed Uses

There are no uses for a monkeynut tree seed except for growing a monkeynut tree.

Monkeynut Uses

  • Eating 8 monkeynuts helps meet the Cinnamonkey Resident requirements.

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