Monty Mousemallow

Monty Mousemallow, also known simply as Monty, is the main antagonist of the episode "Mouse Flap". He is a mean, crazy, and paranoid Mousemallow who likes to fight piñatas.

Mouse Flap

When Franklin, Fergy and Paulie walk into the bar, Monty is having a fight with the bartender and is sitting where Franklin is about to sit. Franklin accidently crushes Monty, causing Monty to get provoked, causing him to have a grudge with Franklin. When Franklin is up, Monty vows revenge on him.

Monty follows Franklin everywhere, trying his best to get revenge at Franklin. When Monty takes too many accidental blows, he goes to the hospital. Franklin and his friends come see him. Seeing his chance, Monty ties up Fergy and challenges Franklin to a fight.

However, Franklin was accidently standing on his oxygen tank, so Monty went unconscious. Franklin decided to end the grudge, and pretended to be defeated. When Monty woke up, he thought he defeated Franklin and was happy. It was also the front page in the Newspaper.

He then became friends with Franklin.

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