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Animal Moth
Candy Cough Drop
Level 3
Base Value 600 coins
Attack Light bulbs
The Mothdrop house is a giant lightbulb and outlet .
Housing Cost 330 coins
Romance Dance
Mothdrop Romacne Video00:22

Mothdrop Romacne Video

Unique Trait: Different wing shape and pattern on wings

It is hard to see in the dark, so bright colors would be a waste of time. In the day it sleeps, so it needs to disguise itself from predators. That's why it's brown.


Appear requirements

  • Nighttime

Visit requirements

  • Nighttime

Resident requirements

  • Any kind of light in the garden.

Note:Firebrands (starting source of light) can be purchased from Costolot's General Store in the village.

Romance requirements

Species variants:
Species variants for the Mothdrop

Feeding it a bluebell seed, turnip, and a carrot changes its color to a blue body with orange wings.
Feeding it a daisy flowerhead changes its color to yellow.
Feeding it a pumpkin and a watercress flower changes its color to a green body with red wings.

Mothdrop uses

  • 3 Mothdrops in the garden helps meet the Sherbat Visit requirements.
  • Eating 2 Mothdrops helps meet the Sherbat Resident requirements.
  • 8 Mothdrops (or 16 Tulips) in the garden helps meet the Galagoogoo Visit requirements.
  • Eating 2 Mothdrops helps meet the Galagoogoo Resident requirements.

Other Information

  • A rumor from Leafos claims that feeding it Wool will make a Mothball (false, they don't exist!).
  • The Firebrand is cheap and available at Costolot's Store. A mothdrop sells for more than the Firebrand cost, and they come back every night, so they are good for making money. 

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