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Animal Named after the Parrot but has the appearence of the Scarlet Macaw
Candy Haribo
Level 8
Base Value 3600 coins
Attack Pirate's sword
The Parrybo's house is a pirate's treasure chest, featuring Mr. Ribs from Grabbed by the Ghoulies.
Housing Cost 1980 coins
Romance Dance
Parrybo Romance Video00:20

Parrybo Romance Video

Unique Trait: Curved Tailfeathers

Animbassador: Pierre

Friend to the grizzled sea cap'n but also a dedicated jungle , which seems to cause remarkably few issues. Tropical fruit is the key to Parrybo residence, but romancing is a whole other piratical kettle of fish. Being a parrot, this is not the kind of pinata for someone who gets headaches easily. Being loud vocally and visually, the Parrybo may seem like a bad pinata. But you would be mistaken by saying that. It's eye-catchingly vibrant colours will bring life to an otherwise dull garden.


Appear requirements

Visit requirements

Resident requirements

Romance requirements

== Species variants ==
Species variants for the Parrybo

Feeding it a venus piñata trap flower changes its color to orange.
Feeding it an oak seed and wedge of cheese changes its color to yellow and green.
Feeding it a bluebell flower and nightshade berry changes its color to blue.

Parrybo's will fight with....
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