Pecky Pudgeon


Appearances in: Horstachio of a different color, Whirlm with a dream, Legs, Mission:impinatable,My Little fergy, High plans drafter, Hero, Pecky pudgeon,private Eye and Snail's Place

As the top correspondent for Pinata island's #1 newspaper, "ThePinata yada yada ", this paparazzi pigeon has an uncanny beak for news. Pecky will follow any lead, dish any dirt, and shadow any celebrity to get a big scoop or shoot a Pulitzer-winning photo. Pecky's not afraid of ruffling a few feathers. More than once Pecky has had his camera broken, his wing dinged, and his beak busted. Quotes -

"See page six!" “Oh boy, it’s a non-stop rollercoaster around here!” “Truly this tricky track takes time, tenacity and determination to tackle.” &nbsp

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