Pecky Pudgeon is a Piñata that is a news reporter for the Piñata Island newspaper "The Piñata Yada-Yada". He is one of the hosts of the Party Animals Championship along with Pierre Parrybo. He commonly wears the Reporter's Camera accessory along his neck.

As the top correspondent for Piñata Island's #1 newspaper, The Piñata Yada-Yada, this paparazzi pigeon has an uncanny beak for news. Pecky will follow any lead, dish any dirt, and shadow any celebrity to get a big scoop or shoot a Pulitzer-winning photo. Pecky's not afraid of ruffling a few feathers. More than once Pecky has had his camera broken, his wing dinged, and his beak busted.


  • See page six!
  • Oh boy, it’s a non-stop rollercoaster around here!
  • Truly this tricky track takes time, tenacity and determination to tackle.

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