In Viva Pinata, a Pinata is a living, colourful, candy filled container made of paper mache and confetti. A pinata is usually sent to a party in need of an activity and entertainment. A Pinata can be launched from a Cannonata to a party. The Pinatas with the most candiosity are sent to parties to be broken open and have their candy eaten. After the party, the pinata's pieces return to Pinata Central to be put back together by other pinatas.

There are many breeds of Pinata, from the tiny whirlm to the giant Roario. Every Pinata contains candy, but some contain more than others. Each pinata has a life candy that may need to be eaten by a predatory pinata.

Pinatas are native to Pinata Island, and the different breeds will each stay outside the garden's boundries until you fill out the requirements for a Pinata to enter the garden. Pinatas also help your garden live and grow. Please dont mistake them as stomach pastries.

Most Pinatas are named after real life sweets like Sparrowmint instead of Spearmint and Fudgehog instead of Fudge.

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