A Whirlm Piñata, one of the first piñata species you will discover.

Piñatas are a group of species only found on Piñata Island. A Piñata is a living, colorful, candy filled container made of paper mache and confetti. A piñata is usually sent to a party in need of an activity and entertainment, usually using the Cannoñata operated by Langston Lickatoad to send a party. The Piñatas with the most Candiosity are sent to parties to be broken open and have their candy eaten. After the party, the piñata's pieces return to Pinata Central to be put back together by other piñatas.

Piñatas that visit your garden will become residents of your garden after completing the requirements. Wild piñatas will be grayscale colored instead of the full vibrant colors of the resident piñata.


There are many breeds of Piñata, from the tiny Whirlm to the giant Roario. Every Piñata contains candy, but some contain more than others. Each piñata has a life candy that may need to be eaten by a predatory piñata.

Piñatas are native to Piñata Island, and the different breeds will each stay outside the garden's boundaries until you fill out the requirements for a Piñata to enter the garden. Piñatas also help your garden live and grow. Please don't mistake them as stomach parasites.

Most Piñatas are named after real life sweets like Sparrowmint instead of Spearmint and Fudgehog instead of Fudge.


Piñatas can romance and make more Piñata when the correct house is placed in your garden. After winning the romancing game Storkos drops an egg which will hatch after a while. The new Piñata will grow into a larger size after entering a cocoon.


Piñata Sickness

A Piñata can get ill from eating weed heads or breathing smoke released by weed plants. Piñatas can be injured by losing a fight or being wacked by a shovel when dizzy. Having injured or sick Piñatas in your garden cause Dastardos to come in and "fix" them, however when he gets to your downed Piñata the Piñata breaks and leaves your garden. Doctor Patchingo runs an emergency service. If you find out a Piñata is sick or injured pay him to heal your Piñata before it breaks and he will try to reach it and then heal it.

A Piñata that is ill can be broken by hitting it with the shovel enough times to remove all the brown markets shown. Also, if a Piñata eats a prickly pear head they will lose their residence status and leave your garden without breaking. Professor Pester will sometimes come to break a resident Piñata, and you can't stop him if he has targeted a Piñata. You can bribe him using Chocolate Coins to make him go away before he attacks a piñata. You can also scare him using the Captain's Cutlass, but not in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise.

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