Player awards are given to the player when they accomplish certain feats within the game. These can be earned by doing things such as gaining new item modifications, romancing pinatas, or growing plants to full maturity. Player rewards are required to reach new levels as a gardener.

Plant Awards

Plant awards are given when a seed is planted and then grown to maturity. Extra rewards are earned for "catalyzing," or fertilizing, a plant three times, resulting in so-called "bonus growth." Weeds are unable to be fertilized, so they have only one reward (for growing them).

Pinata Awards

Pinata awards are given in much greater variety than plant awards, and tend to be more difficult, especially for higher-level pinatas. There usually seven awards for each pinata, given for the pinata visiting, becoming a resident of the garden, being romanced, becoming a master romancer of the pinata, and then one award for each of the three color variants for each pinata.

Tool awards

Tools awards are given when the watering can and shovel tool attachments and upgrades have been bought, earned or given.

Journal awards

The Journal awards are given when a chapter in the Journal is revealed.

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