The Poppy Seed grows a poppy flower.

This little flower adds a splash of red to the garden. Poppy down to the shop, and buy some seeds today.

The base value of a poppy is 30 coins, however a fully catalysed poppy can sell for 120 coins.


Surface requirements: Poppy seed should be grown in grass, soil or long grass.

Catalyst requirements: For bonus growth red fertilizer, cocoadile tears or special mix fertilizer should be used.



  • Eating 2 poppy seeds is required for a Twingersnap to romance.
  • Eating 1 poppy is required for a Taffly to romance.


  • Eating 1 poppy seed is required for an Elephanilla or a Rashberry for turn into a red variant.
  • Eating 1 poppy is required for a Juicygoose to turn into a pink/ orange variant.
  • Eating 1 poppy, 1 gem tree seed and 1 water lily is required for a Pigxie to turn into a fuschia variant.
  • Eating 1 poppy is required for a White Flutterscotch to change into a Red Flutterscotch.