Prewitt Profitamole is Piñata Island's repair mechanic. He repairs piñatas, when they "break a stitch." His workshop contains "spare" piñata parts. He is voiced by Mike MacRae.



Fergy Fudgehog broke his legs just before a dance competition in Legs, and Prewitt stitched Cluckles legs on him so he can go. This proves to improve his dancing skill. When he and Fergy Fudgehog gets the same score in the dance competition, they were forced to peform dance tricks successfully without failing to win. Fergy won the competition by performing the "Hold the Anchovies" technique when Prewitt totaled doing so.

Six Million Dollar Piñata

When Fergy Fudgehog broke apart leaving just his head due to a glider incident with Sparrowmints in Six Million Dollar Piñata, Prewitt repaired his body as well as adding bionic parts to enhance his abilities. He gained abilities such as extending his limbs, being strong enough to lift a small building, literally walking up a mountain, as well as being indestructible as seen by the same Sparrowmints not destroying his body, but instead being destroyed themselves. He also gained the ability to move extremely fast, as first demonstrated by him going to China and back in less than a minute. However his bionic upgrade doesn't seem to be bug-proof as sometimes he would lose control of his bionic parts, due to the chip on his nose being unstable and prone to being dislodged. When he used his vacuum abilities he got stressed out due to being asked to do too many tasks, which caused him to drop his house on himself completely disconnecting his chip from his nose, and the chip was then destroyed, turning him into a giant out of control Fudgehog monster. Dr. Quackberry was forced to invent anti-bionics to destroy his bionic upgrades. Prewitt then turned him into a toaster contraption, and he quickly started losing limbs.


  • I would very much like to preform the- *Prewitt gets tossed aside and gets whacked*
  • My "soaps" are coming on. Just please don't over do it, ok?

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