Professor Pester is the leader of the Ruffians. He is the main antagonist of all the games and the TV Series. He is a nasty piece of work whose jealousy goes unchecked until he strides into your garden at a random, employs all the same techiques as his Ruffian underlings, and carries a large rod with one purpose in mind: breaking your most expensive Pinata.


History: He used to help Jardiniero with his garden. He was originally named Lester before he ruined Jardiniero`s hard work, after he sent him after a legendary Dragonache tale. From then on he was known as Professor Pester, he even lured Jardinero's son Stardos into his lair to try a piece of sour candy which changed him into Dastardos.


Professor Pester has the head of a ruffian, but the body of a human. He wears a graduate's hat and his clothing are dark and light red clothing, red slippers with black stripes, and a yellow belt. He has red, stripey tattoos going down his chest and arms and bright green eyes. He is like a sour Human!


Professor Pester's name used to be Lester, but because of his evil planning Jardiniero calls him Pelester, a name Lester would take as his permanent name.


Pester used to be Jardiniero's assistant but turned evil like Stardos (Now known as Dastardos ) The only way to stop Professor Pester is to buy the Captains Cutlass unlocked at level 30. Go to Ivor to get it.

If he comes to your garden that means its valuable.

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