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Animbassador: Dr. Quackberry

Quack! Once you're done at the pond you can experience a Quackberry! Well you can, if you have 30 square pinometers of water. Then you'll have one appear. If you want one to visit than get up to 40 square pinometers and a stalk of corn. Once it's in just make that corn into a piece of bread and feed it to the lovable duck. All yours! Don't forget to sprinkle water on it. To romance dance it feed it a couple of bluebell. Feed it a gooseberry to make it a Juicygoose. Just keep Quackberries away from Swananas and Juicygeese.

Animal Duck
Candy Blackberry
Level 4
Base Value 1000 coins
Attack Anchors
A Quackberrys house is a pirate ship.
Housing Cost 550 coins
Romance Dance
Quackberry Romance Video00:23

Quackberry Romance Video

Unique Trait: Wavy Crest


Appear requirements

Visit requirements

  • Have 1 corn plant in the garden
  • You have 40 square pinometers of water (4%)

Resident requirements

  • You have 40 square pinometers of water (4%)
  • Has eaten 1 piece of bread

Romance requirements

Species variants

Species variants for the Quackberry

Feeding it a bluebell seed changes its color to blue.
Feeding it a water lily flower changes its color to pink.
Feeding it a bird of paradise seed changes its color to orange.

Feeding it a gooseberry turns it into a Juicygoose.

Happiness tips

  • Using your watering can on the Quackberry increases its happiness.

Species conflicts

Quackberry Uses

  • Eating a Quackberry helps meet the Pretztail Romance requirements
  • Eating 3 Quackberry's helps meet the Cocoadiles resident requirements.
  • Having 5 Quackberry Residents helps meet the Cocoadiles visit requirements.
  • Quackberries can be evolved into Juicygoose. Just feed it a Gooseberry. Beware: Juicygoose and quackberries fight!

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