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Animal Ant
Candy Raisin
Level 4
Base Value 1000 coins
Attack 1 wagon wheel with axle
The raisant house is an anthill that looks like a castle.
Housing Cost 550 coins
Romance Dance
Raiseant Romance Video00:16

Raiseant Romance Video

Unique Trait: Curved Antennae

Perhaps the easiest prey on Piñata Island, Raisants are an easy meal for everything from Arocknids to Fizzlybears. But they deal with it well, chewing bits of fruit and taking it all out on Buzzlegums takes quite a while to get one.


Appear requirements

Visit requirements

  • There is 1 fruit tree of any kind in the garden

Resident requirements

  • Has eaten 3 fruit of any kind

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 1 jar of honey
  • Have a Raisant house in the garden.
== Species variants ==

Species variants for the Raisant

Feeding it a bluebell seed and a blackberry changes its color to purple.
Feeding it a sunflower changes its color to yellow.
Feeding it a water lily changes its color to pink.

Feeding it a blackberry changes its color to blue.(in the Trouble in paradise version)

Species conflicts

Raisant uses

  • Eating 2 Raisant helps meet the Fizzlybear Romance requirements.
  • Eating 1 Raisant helps meet the Dragumfly Romance requirements.
  • Eating 1 Raisant helps meet the Newtgat Romance requirements.
  • Having 4 Raisants (or 4 Tafflies) in the garden help meet the Arocknid Visit requirements.
  • Eating 2 Raisants (or 2 Tafflies) help meet the Arocknid Resident requirements.

Other information

  • Raisants can climb trees.
  • If you plan on having fruit trees in the garden, it would be advised not to have 6 or more Buttercups in the garden. This is to prevent Buzzlegums from coming in and starting fights. Even if you have Dragumflys you want to romance.

Piñata Species

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