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Animal Firefly
Candy Red Hots
Level 6
Base Value 2100 coins
Attack Fireworks
The Reddhott house is an arm holding a torch of lava.
Housing Cost 1155 coins
Romance Dance
Redhott Romcance Video00:20

Redhott Romcance Video

Unique Trait: Large Wings

Heat and light are major factors in the Reddhott's life. Only by introducing a Taffly to a source of these things can you get hold of a Reddhott (not literally) in the first place, and romancing only triples the requirements.


The Reddhott is created when a Taffly is set on fire by directing it to a Firebrand then quickly doused with the watering can.

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 3 chilis.
  • There are 3 lights of any kind in the garden.
  • Have a Reddhott house in the garden.

Species variants

Species variants for the Reddhott

Feeding it a water lily flower changes its color to pink.
Feeding it a bluebell seed changes its color to blue.
Feeding it a piece of carrot cake changes its color to red.

Species conflicts

Other information

  • Rather than breeding Reddhott pinatas, it is far more cost effective to breed Tafflys and evolve them. Still, romancing gives you an award.

Reddhott Uses

  • Feeding a Reddhott to a Dragonache helps in maturing it.
  • Eating a Reddhott helps meet the Salamango Romance requirements.
  • Winning a fight against a Reddhott helps meet the Dragumfly Resident requirements.

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