What are Rumors?

A rumor is an in game hint which may, or may not be true. That is for you to figure out!



Galagoogoos like sunglasses.

Elephanillas are frightened of Mousemallows.

Mating a Syrupent and then hitting the egg with a shovel right after it jumps turns it into a Double-Head Syrupent (Same when you mate Double-Heads but with Four Heads). Edit by: Darklani1


When a Cluckles eats 5 different colored flowers it becomes a Parrybo.

Feeding a Dragumfly to a Pudgeon evolves it into a Buzzenge.

Having a Badgesicle swim in water will turn it into a Sweetooth.

Feeding a Doenut to a Pretzail will turn it into a Mallowolf.

When you receive the Master Romancer award for Dragumfly a Dragonache will apear in the garden.                  

Feeding a Rashberry 10 Tafflys will turn it into a Pigxie                  

Feeding a Rashberry 10 Pumpkins will turn it into a Chippopotamus.


To be continued...

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