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Animal Salamander
Candy Mango
Level 8
Base Value 2800 coins
Attack Matches
The Salamango house is a volcano surrounded by stone heads.
Housing Cost 1540 coins
Romance Dance
Salamango Romance Video00:21

Salamango Romance Video

Unique Trait: Flipper-like front and back legs

Switching elements as it evolves, the moist Newtgat becomes the scorching Salamango - so hot it lives in a volcano and swallows Reddhotts. Unfortunately, its predecessor's grudges evolve too...


Feed a Newtgat a bought or full grown chilli to turn it into a Salamango.

Romance requirements

  • Has eaten 1 Reddhott.
  • Has eaten 2 chilli seeds.
  • Has a Salamango house in the garden.
== Species variants ==
Species variants for the Salamango

Feeding it a gooseberry changes its color to green.
Feeding it a banana changes its color to yellow.
Feeding it a bottle of milk and a nightshade seed changes its color to a very light blue and white.

Happiness tips

  • Salamangos dislike to be watered
  • Salamangos like eating all seeds

Salamango Uses

  • Feeding a Salamango to a Dragonache helps to mature it.

Species Conflicts

Other Information

  • Be careful of Professor Pester, he likely to destroy this Pinata
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