There are a total of 8 shops found in the village, and each one serves a different purpose.

  • Costolot's Store: A general store which sells most average items that are needed to play Viva Piñata.
  • Bart's Exchange: Bart changes items into others to help with taming sours and other Piñatas.
  • Paper Pets: Sells piñatas and accessories for your resident piñatas.
  • Willy Builder: Builds homes for piñatas, and for work staff.
  • Ivor Bargain: Sells rare items; one can even stop Professor Pester (purchase the Captain's Cutlass at level 30 and place it in your garden).
  • Gretchen Fetchem's: She will hunt down wild piñatas for you. However, you can only ask her to catch piñatas that have been/are residents.
  • Doc Patchingo: He will heal sick piñatas.
  • Arfur's Inn: Here, you can employ work which generally help out around your garden.
  • Post Office: Fanny Franker manages this and her main objective is to help you store and transfer your items.
  • Langstons TrapEase: Langston sells traps and bait for capturing piñatas in the Piñarctic and the Dessert Desert.
Gameplay elements
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