Simone Cinnamonkey

Appearances in: Horstachio of a different color, Pecky pudgeon,Private eye, Hudson's biggest fan, Pester's Party, Snail's place and Hudson on hudson

Simone Cinnamonkey is Hudson horstachio's wheeling and dealing manager and agent. Sure, Hudson can be an insufferable, boorish, juvenile, and yes, she has to cater to his every little urge and annoying whim, but being the agent of the biggest, most fabulous piñata superstar ever makes her big and fabulous as well! Simone's phone is ringing off the hook and she barely has time to take on other clients. She's often seen talking on three phones at the same time - a phone in each hand and the third held by her tail! When Simone is not talking business, she is watching Hudson play a game of sour-ball.

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