For information on the sour version of this species, see below.

A Smelba is a small pink and white skunk piñata. Its four tiny legs and feet are very close to its butt which has a comically large tail attached. Its legs are so small they are almost entirely, if not completely hidden in grass. Its nose is pink. It has a large white stripe on its back and tail, and it has green circle patterns on its lower body. It has a green circle on its butt. It has white eyelids, making it appear as if it has no irises when it sleeps. It also has small white ears on its face.

Scaring a Ruffian Using a Smelba

Scaring a Ruffian Using a Smelba

A Smelba can be used to scare Ruffians away. Target it with the cursor and then select the Ruffian with the cursor. The Smelba will exhale a very dark green cloud and the Ruffian will be scared and leave the garden.

Requirements for Trouble in Paradise

Appear Requirements

Visit Requirements

  • Have 7 garlic plants in the garden.

Resident Requirements

  • Has eaten 3 rotten garlic bulbs.

Romance Requirements

Trick Requirements

  • Feed it a poison ivy seed to have it perform Trick 1.
  • Feed it a poison ivy flowerhead to have it perform Trick 2.

Species Variants

  • Feeding it a chili changes its color to orange and yellow.
  • Feeding it a fire weed flowerhead changes its color to have a green-cyan tint.
  • Feeding it jam changes its color to purple.
Halo of Hardness

A Wild-card Smelba having the Halo of Hardness.

Sour version


A Sour Smelba

I once walked into a lamp-post. It was my own fault, because I didn't look where I was going. My head was ringing, my eyes watered and my nose was bruised. There is a similar effect if you get too close to this Piñata. Personally, if I had to choose I'd take the lamp-post again - no need to wash your clothes afterward.

As a sour, it will break romances! It also spits out Smelly Candy, which causes nearby Piñatas to run away from it.

  • If you tame it, the Smelba will scare Ruffians away.


Appear requirements

  • You are a level 21 gardener or better.

Visit requirements

  • You are a level 23 gardener or better.

Resident requirements

  • Has eaten 4 roses



To see all media, see to Smelba/Gallery.

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